Practice area

All forms of disputes and settlements based on Family rights and Successions.

Main procedures and actions related to Family Law:

•Consensual and litigious divorce (extrajudicial and judicial); 
•Stable union: recognition and dissolution (extrajudicial and judicial);
•Annulment of marriage;
•Apportionment of assets; 
•Alimony: request for granting, review, exemption and enforcement;
•Guardianship and minor visiting regulation/disputes; 
•Shared custody;
•Precautionary measures for separation of spouses; precautionary measures for listing of assets; temporary maintenance; personal effect delivery, etc.; 
•Paternity investigation;
•Drafting of prenuptial agreements and contracts for non-marital relationships; 
•Judicial Interdiction;
•International child abduction under the 1980 Hague Convention and the 1989 Inter American Convention;
•Mirror orders involving family law;
•Child support under the New York Convention;
•Legal advice to foreign attorneys related to the Brazilian Family Law: its legislation and judiciary system; 
•Homoaffective relationships: marriage, divorce, separation and adoption;
Birth Certificate Change for Transgender People.
Main Procedures and actions related to Hereditary Succession:

•Estate and succession planning;
•Petitions to obtain judicial permits and adjudications of assets;
•Registration of assets;
•Inventories (judicial and extrajudicial);
•Estate planning;
•Listing of assets (judicial or extrajudicial);
•Wills: drafting, preparation, demands;
•Probate proceedings and simplified probate proceedings;
Legal advice to foreign clients related to the Brazilian Hereditary Succession Law.